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Introducing Schmincke's Norma Blue water soluble oil paints - the perfect choice for artists who value eco-friendliness and convenience. These paints are water-mixable, allowing you to paint and clean up with water rather than solvent. They are also vegan and formulated exclusively with high-quality vegetable oils, making them an environmentally conscious choice.

In addition to being eco-friendly, Norma Blue paints are low-odour, making them ideal for indoor painting and classroom use. They are also allergy-friendly, as they are formulated without preservatives. Despite their gentle nature, Norma Blue paints are of the highest quality and colouristics, with a highly pigmented and highly lightfast (4-5 stars) formula.

The buttery-paste consistency of Norma Blue paints allows for a characteristic brush trace, and the low yellowing formula ensures that your artwork will stay vibrant for years to come. With good water absorption and a range that includes special transparent colours and classic gold, Norma Blue paints offer endless creative possibilities.

Choose from 48 colours in 35 ml tubes, with titanium white also available in a 120 ml size. The range also includes 5 professional mediums to help you achieve the perfect artistic result. Whether you're an experienced artist or just starting out, Norma Blue water soluble oil paints are a fantastic choice.

The preorder ends on 01.02.2023 and the orders will be delivered before 14.02.2023 February.

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