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Um vörumerki okkar


Magnani 1404 is one of the oldest mills of Europe producing artist-grade papers. A 15th-century mill offers mould-made papers produced with the first choice of raw materials, with neutral pH and acid-free composition, thus meeting standard archival quality.




Apa Poland, the parent company of Renesans brand, is 100% Polish. They established a company that – much like Iskra and Karmański over 100 years ago – exports quality products abroad.
Since 2014, Renesans has been present at the International Fair in Frankfurt – the biggest fair for art supply manufacturers worldwide. Renesans has become the reference point for numerous Polish artists and painters, offering a wide selection of quality handmade and industrially manufactured art supplies. The factory in Kobylnica currently makes three types of oil paint, eight types of acrylic paint, three types of watercolours, tempera paints, gouaches, several kinds of inks, varnishes, media, solvents, graphic designing products, gilding and conservation products, hobby supplies, painting supports, and various accessories.