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Olíulitur OILS FOR ART 500 ml
Olíulitur OILS FOR ART 500 ml
Olíulitur OILS FOR ART 500 ml
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Olíulitur OILS FOR ART 500 ml
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Olíulitur OILS FOR ART 500 ml

3.499 kr
3.499 kr
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Oil paints are made with pigment that is suspended in a binder.  Renesans uses the finest linseed and safflower oil as a binder. These are plant-based, all natural and nontoxic.

Oils for Art are unique artist grade paints produced with a sophisticated manufacturing process to meet the highest standards. They contain the best quality of traditional artist’s pigments.  Additionally, there are several newly developed pigments.  All of these are highly concentrated.

Opacity and glazing properties

The opacity of a pigmented colour is not only depending on the thickness of the colour application but also on the kind and concentration of the pigment as well as on the kind binder in the colour. all colours have been submitted to the same testing method: satndardized application on black and white striped saturated base. this allows a classification with the following 4 symbols:

  opaque  Semi-opaque   Semi-transparent  transparent


This describes the durability of a colour in daylight. A number of influencing factors play a role too, like intensity of sunlight, temperature, moisture, oxygen or gas content of the air.

8 - Excellent  - Very good  - Good

Color Index and Pigments names

The Color Index system is an international standard to denominate dyes and pigments. A combination of letters and numbers indicate the colour category. For example: PO 20, means Pigment Orange 20. Color Index names are: PW (Pigment White) / PY (Pigment Yellow) / PO (Pigment Orange) / PR (Pigment Red) / PV (Pigment Violet) / PB (Pigment Blue) / PG (Pigment Green) / PBr (Pigment Brown) / PBk (Pigment Black).

 01. Zinc White   02. Titanium White   04. Naples Yellow Light

 01. Zinc White                    02. Titanium White              04. Naples Yellow Light

05. Naples Yellow Reddish      

 05. Naples yellow red        06. Naples yellow deep              07. Zinc yellow

      11. Cadmium Yellow Deep 

08. Yellow ultramarine           09. Cadmium lemon       10. Cadmium yellow (hue) 

10. Cadmium Yellow Medium (hue)      

11. Cadmium yellow deep  12. Cadmium orange (hue)      13. Yellow ochre


14. Transparent gold ochre        15. Raw sienna                 16. Light vermilion


    17. Deep vermilion              18. Scarlet vermilion                 19. Saturn red 


         20. Carmine                       21. Pozzuoli red                   22. Burnt sienna


      23. Magenta lak            24. Alizarin madder lake           25. Geranium lake


        26. Violet lake                   27. Mnieral violet                     28. Royal blue


      29. Phthalo blue                   30. Coeruleum               31.Mediterranean blue


 32. Cobalt blue pale (hue) 33. Cobalt blue deep (hue)        34. Ultramarine  


     35. Prussian blue           36. Cinnabar green light     37. Cinnabar green deep


38. Paolo Veronese green     39. Permanent green        40. Emerald green (hue)


     41. Hooker's green             42. Golden green                    43. Olive green


 44. Verona green earth             45. Raw umber                   46. Burnt umber


   47. Van Dycke brown                48. Pearl grey                       49. Ivory black


       50. Vine black        51. Higlighting titanium white  52. Titanium fast-drying white


53. Titanium white concentrate 54. Nickeltitanium yellow  55. Gamboge (hue)


     56. Flesh tint light              57. Flesh tint deep             58. Flesh tint reddish


       59. Indian yellow                60. Yellow lake                        61. Bright rose


62. Rose dore madder lake       63. Crimson lake                    64. Turquoise


        65. Periwinkle                      66. Paris blue                           67. Indigo


         68. Berlin blue                69. Green lake deep            70. Green lake light


         71. Sap green            72. Bohemian green earth       73. Renesans green


  74. Burnt green earth      75. Chromium oxide green          76. English red


       77. Mars brown                 78. Caput mortuum              79. Polish brown


      80. Mars orange             81. Stil de grain brown              82. Munich lake


          83. Sinopia                  84. Transparent brown                   85. Sepia