Fineliner tússpennar sett 12 stk. – Myndlistarvöruverslun
Fineliner tússpennar sett 12 stk.

Fineliner tússpennar sett 12 stk.

5.999 kr
5.999 kr
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Renesans outline drafting pen is a black waterproof pen. A universal product for drawing, sketching, writing etc. based on a waterproof ink. It is a great addition to your drawing kit!
The drawing pens come in a wide range of tip sizes for nearly all drawing needs. Tip sizes as small as 0.03 mm can render even the most meticulous details, while sizes in the 1.0 mm range deliver bold graphic lines. The numerous sizes in between give artists a spectrum of drawing possibilities. Two brush tips are also available, in medium (M) and large (L) size.

  • Large set with full range of widths and one brush tip
  • 11 sizes, starting from 0.03 mm up to 1.0 mm
  • two brush tips - perfect for details and complicated paterns
  • perfect for creating you own colouring books
  • brush pens work as a great substitute for drawing ink