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Pensill 1001F Gervihár Flat

799 kr
799 kr
Verð með virðisaukaskatti. Sendingar reiknaðar við afgreiðslu.

This quality brush is made with gold and brown polyester hair. Seamless, nickel-plated ferrule. Long, wooden, brown lacquered handle. Gussow (flat) form.

Perfect for acrylic and oil painting techniques.

Renesans brushes are made by hand, from bristles that have been pre-treated with pressurised steam and straightened. These are fastened in the ferrule, glued, and combed to remove short hairs. This technology produces high-quality brushes that are exceptionally durable, retain their shape, and help achieve desired effects in painting. Brushes are a basic working tool in a variety of painting techniques. They can be used in many ways depending on the artist’s style and the type and size of the brush. They can be divided broadly into those with natural and synthetic bristles or into soft and hard types, or into groups depending on the shape of the tip – round, flat, cat’s tongue, oblique, fanned, etc.