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Hágæða Trélitir NATURAL Sett 24 stk

5.999 kr
5.999 kr
Verð með virðisaukaskatti. Sendingar reiknaðar við afgreiðslu.

NATURAL are high-quality coloured pencils. They are made of cedar wood; being advantageous drawing products everyone should try.

The insert (diameter 3.7 mm) was made of the best pigments, high-quality wax and a drop of oil, which is a good binder. Thanks to it, pencils are soft and slightly greasy, which allows you to rub them gently even with a tortillon. Such composition of pencils ensures softness and easy layering. Even delicate strokes will create expressive lines and shades, both cold and warm. They are intense and saturated.

This set of coloured pencils is characterized by a good lightfastness, which prevents the drawings from fading. Cedarwood provides lightness and durability and is comfortable to hold.

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