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Hreinsuð Hörfræolía Oil

999 kr
999 kr
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This high-quality refined linseed oil is made from 100% pure linseed oil. It is perfect for use as a medium, binder, or as an oil-based varnish.

The oil is also perfect for use with oil paints, as it increases the flow of paint, improves the blending of colours, and provides a smooth, even finish. It's also perfect for underpainting and glazing techniques. The linseed oil is also less yellowing, providing a long-lasting, stable painting surface.

  • High-quality, 100% pure linseed oil
  • Refined to remove impurities for a clear, consistent consistency
  • Ideal for use as a medium, binder, or oil-based varnish
  • Enhances flow of paint, improves blending and provides smooth finish
  • Non-yellowing, providing a long-lasting, stable painting surface
  • Suitable for both professional and amateur artists
  • Convenient and easy-to-use bottle
  • Great addition to any painting supplies.